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by Vice President Knight Allen 

Originally published on March 14, 2019 - reprinted with permission 

    Let's start with a quick revisit to Mr. Macron's France from the perspective of a Frenchman, Mr. Pascal Emmanuel Gobry writing from Paris. His article appeared in the Wall Street Journal 2/24/19 and was titled, "The Failure of the French Elite."

    I offer you the following quotes from the article without any commentary. They speak for themselves.
    "Macron represents not an ideology but a caste. His base is France's meritocratic elite, the people who have benefitted from the same global trends that have left most of the country behind."

    "When Giles Le Genure a senior in Mr. Macron's party was asked what happened he said 'We were probably too intelligent. Too subtle.
    France's elites "have an outsized impact on the country's destiny. More often than not, elite failure has led not just to crisis but to collapse-1789, 1940 were always preceded by a generation of elite stupidity, cowardice and greed. Whatever their faults, the yellow vests have correctly identified France's biggest problem."

    Speaking of elites, we have plenty here in Nevada. One of them, Ruben Garcia a law professor at UNLV came forward in the Las Vegas Sun (where else?) on February 19, 2019 with a guest column titled "Controversy over bargaining rights rooted in myths."

    Professor Garcia is upset that state employees don't have collective bargaining rights and sets out to make the case they should. He touches all the statist bases about how they are part of the community, pay taxes, do important work most of us can't do and how "collective bargaining results in a stable workforce that benefits Nevada and its citizens."

    Whenever a statist elite writes a column like that it's important to remember a few things. First and most important is to know going in that what he says is not important. It's what he DOESN'T say that makes all the difference. Let's say all the points he made are valid (they aren't but a one by one rebuttal is time wasted). All that matters is what kind of society has collective bargaining for government employees created? The sad fact is that today, because of the curse of government collective bargaining we live in a society structured far closer to the Pharaohs than anything the Founders had in mind. We live in a statist society. One in which those inside of government have a higher standard of living, a better quality of life and a multiple, multiple, multiple times more secure future than the people themselves.

    Here's some documentation. These are all government issued numbers. Twelve categories. Ten private sector industries plus state and local government.
In 1979 State government was 6. Local government was 8. That was OK.
By 1986 State was 7. Local was 6. Also, OK.
By 2008 State was 2. Local was 4. That was not OK.
On March 7, 2010 the RJ published a graph and a headline, "Only government employees saw wages increase since 2007. Really, really not OK.

    Fueled by collective bargaining, state and local governments play leap frog moving compensation up to levels totally disconnected from the hard realities of a market economy. While private sector Nevadans suffered through the worst economy since the Depression those inside of government were the only segment of Neva-da society to come out better off than they went in.

    That's the cemented in statute political, social and economic injustice collective bargaining for government insiders has produced. It's not myth. It's real and government employee Professor Garcia loves it. Why shouldn't he?

    I am going to walk into the minefield that is the LGBTQ world.
    I could not care less about the L, G, B, T or Q except a faction of the T's have crossed a very important line and need to be opposed in every way possible.

The Transgenders (TGs) are pushing harder and harder to allow genetic males who claim to be females to play girls sports. What's frustrating is that elected officials are codifying this vicious assault on girls with laws saying it's OK.
    It's not OK and these worthless and spineless political hacks are the scum of the earth in my opinion. I've been watching this for a couple of years hoping the LGBQ community leadership would sit the TGs down and talk some sense into them.
    Obviously, that's not happening. This all came to head for me when I read an article in the Wall Street Journal on February 19, 2019 by William McGurn headlined, "Martina Navratilova's (MN) Girl Power."

  MN is one of the greatest tennis players of all time along with being a trail blazer for the gay community. Her bonifides are unimpeachable. She "came out" in 1981 and has been a champion of gay rights ever since. However, she made a serious error in judgement. She spoke truth to power, She has spoken out against genetic males competing against girls and the zealots of the TG's came down on her like a ton of bricks. I don't think they know who they're dealing with. MN is not just a sports champion. She took the heat in 1981 and she shows no sign of crumbling in the face of the sexist TG terrorists.
    Here are a couple of MN quotes from the article:

  "There must be some standards and having a penis and competing as a woman would not fit that standard." It's insane and it's cheating. I am happy to address a transgender woman in whatever form she prefers, but I would not be happy to compete against her. It would not be fair." Bringing this home, I called Carson City and there doesn't seem to be any bill in the legislature looking to bring this garbage to Nevada -at least not yet. That doesn't mean the TG zealots won't come after the all-female School Board. I wonder if those feminist activist women will, like MN, stand up for the girls.
    I hope we don't have to find out.

Vice-President Knight Allen can be reached at:  

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