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Guardian Angels, Money, We Got Money, 
A Roseanne By Any Other Name would Be A Conner  

by Vice President Knight Allen 

Originally published on April 11, 2018 - reprinted with permission

     Let's start where we left off last month.
I attended Dan Roberts, Vegas Voice meeting updating the Guardianship laws passed in the legislature last session (2017).
Everything I reported to you last month is in effect. The only real change is the need to use the Secretary of State's two (2) page form in order to have the legal standing for your choice of guardian.
Vern has downloaded the form and included it in this newsletter. [CLICK HERE FOR FORM] I called the Secretary's office and they require the form they receive to be two (2) separate pages. There's government again with its their way or no way mindset.
It seems to me the inconvenience of having to do the designation over again is pretty small compared to the risk of getting caught up in what can still be a guardianship nightmare.
One side note to Dan's presentation I found very interesting. Prior to passage of the laws reforming the Guardianship mess there were 42 private guardians operating in Clark County. Now there are 2.

    The headline in the RJ on April 4, 2018 read: "Reid: U.S. turning into Russia." Unbelievable. Here is a man who came from an incredibly hardscrabble existence to rise to the pinnacle of power in the American political system complaining the America "is becoming just like by a very few wealthy families."

    If money equates to running the country then who's spending the money and on which party? As it turns out there is a website that tracks campaign spending by the 50 biggest donors ( . It's kind of interesting to see the money flow even if it does shatter several myths. For example the National Rifle Association did not even make the cut in the 2016 cycle, or in 2014, or 2012, 2010 or 2008. You get the picture. The evil empire Koch Industries came in 39th with $11 million, all to Republicans. The most serious spenders? Tony Styers' $90 million all to Democrats and Sheldon Adelson $90 million all to Republicans.
After those two the money is dominated by names that might surprise you:

SEIU* $39 million all to Democrats (D). 
American Federation of Teachers $33 million all to D
National Education Association $29 million D
George Soros $28 million 98% D
AFSCME ** $15 million

      That's $144 million coming from five sources all for the Democratic Party. Is money pouring in to the Republicans? Of course. But they tend to cluster at the lower part of the list and with smaller amounts, eg: Koch and its $11 million at 39th.

    "Citizens United" was a good ruling. A crucial defense of the First Amendment and the right of people to be heard with real power through their organizations. I may not like what these private corporations pawning themselves off as labor unions are saying but they have the right to say it and that, because of "Citizens United" is a very, very good thing.

   The real question is what the heck is wrong with Harry Reid?
Here he is with a golden opportunity to take the position of venerable leader, free from the cesspool of Washington D.C. and the venal muck of party politics and what does he do? He puts on a dog and pony show with John Kerry blaming everything that's wrong with the system on the Republicans. Not one single word about the Democrats role in the mess in the whole article, and mind you, the lecture was titled "Bipartisanship and Public Service."

   Why did Mr. Reid choose John Kerry, a fellow Democrat who supported him through three decades as the other member of the "discussion"? He could have chosen any number of well respected retired Republican Senators and the two of them, now free of the political dead weight might have come up with a lecture worth listening to instead of the Alfonse & Gaston routine the attendees got stuck with.

   Mr. Reid was as much a part of the problem as anyone in Washington. That was the game he helped to create and he played it well.
Now he has the chance to rise above it all and show some real leadership but all he can do is produce the pile of garbage he delivered at UNR?

      I had been a fan of  'Roseanne' during its early years. I thought they did some really funny stuff about the fictional blue collar Conner family. I can't remember clearly why I drifted away from it, but who cares? We've probably all done it at one time or another and it's about as trivial as anything can get. When I heard they were bringing the show back, including the "resurrection" of Dan (John Goodman) I thought it might be fun to watch especially when Roseanne, both the character and the actress, were both supporters of President Trump.

    Make no mistake. This is no right wing propaganda vehicle. The back and forth between Laurie Metcalf (Jackie) as a passionate Hillary supporter and Roseanne was funny without going cutthroat. The rest of the cast, back from the original show was as politically correct as you can get. The best part was that in the first two shows the powers-that-be seemed to follow John Goodman's admonition; "Don't forget the funny."

    Most interesting were the ratings and how they broke down exposing once again the immense divide within our country. The two episodes were seen by 18 million people, now up to 25 million with delayed viewings.
   It was #1 in Tulsa, OK but didn't crack the top 20 in New York City or even the top 30 in Los Angeles.. That sure says something, but what? I suppose that depends on where you are politically these days. 

Vice-President Knight Allen can be reached at:

* Service Employees International Union is a labor union representing almost 1.9 million workers in over 100 occupations in the United States and Canada. SEIU is focused on organizing workers in three sectors: health care, including hospital, home care and nursing home workers; public services; and property services.

** AFSCME stands for American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees.)   VERN